The History of Holt and Atchison Counties, Missouri, containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns, etc.; St Joseph, Mo.: National Historical Company, 1882.
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell:
[page 695]
J. Thompson, who was born in Callaway County, Missouri, October 21, 1832. Her father, George C. Thompson, was a native of Tennessee, as was also her mother, formerly Elenor Leeper. Mr and Mrs Hughes had a family of twelve children, six of whom are now living: Joseph C., Alice, William P., Francis M., Sarah and Jacob. Mr Hughes is a member of North Star Lodge, No. 157, A.F. and A.M.
Stokely Strather Hughes, county surveyor, first saw light in Cooper County, Missouri, on the 6th of April, 1838. His parents, John W. and Susan (Williams) Hughes, had previously come from Tennessee, in which state they were born. Stokely, as he is familiarly called, is the fourth child in a family of seven children. He was reared as a farmer's boy, in his native county, and there attended the common schools, afterwards entering the seminary at California, and also at Boonville. While at school he gained quite a thorough knowledge of civil engineering and surveying, and when sixteen years of age he began teaching. In the year 1864, he helped to survey the Missouri Pacific railroad through Cass, Johnson, and Jackson Counties, Missouri, and in 1864 he went to Brownville, in this vicinity, and taught school many terms. Having also learned the art of telegraphy, in the year 1865 he was employed by the Western Union Telegraph Company, at a station on the plains. After this time he lived in different localities in Atchison County and at Hamburg, Iowa. In 1875, he came to Rock Port, and he has long been regarded as the surveyor of Atchison County, having been elected as such two terms. In 1877, he platted a map of Atchison County, and is the author of the first public work in the county. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and belongs to the I.O.O.F. Mr Hughes was married, February 14, 1869, to Miss Martha A. McCoy, of Virginia. She died July 6, 1864. They had two children, Julia and John. Mr H. took for his second wife Miss Jane Rummerfield, their marriage occurring July 11, 1868. Four children are the fruits of this union: Olive, Lucy, Fannie and Philo De Witt. Mrs Hughes is a native of Cass County, Illinois, was born May 29, 1849. She was a daughter of Rodney Rummerfield, a native of Ohio, who, in 1843, came to Atchison County, and located in Nishnebotna Township. There he lived till the time of his death, in 1874. His widow, whose maiden name was Pricie Keethly, a native of Kentucky, now lives in Nishnebotna Township.
William Hunter was born in Scotland, February 21, 1805. He was reared and educated in his native country, and, about the year 1821, he moved, with his parents, Robert and Jennet (Carr) Hunter, to Nova Scotia, where his [page 696] father died. About 1828 William Hunter left Nova Scotia and, after traveling through Maine, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, he finally located in Baltimore, where he ws engaged in the distilling business for two years. He then went to Dayton, Ohio, and was interested in the same business for about three years, after which he moved to Lafayette, Indiana. The livery business there ocupied his attention for nearly two years, at the expiration of which time he came to Missouri. After living in Buchanan County one year he came to ATchison County, in 1841, where he has since resided, following the occupation of farming. Mr Hunter now lives on section 9, township 6, range 41, and has retired from active labor, on account of age. His landed estate consists of 900 acres. He has servced as justice of the peace for eight years and as a member of the county court for seven years. He was married, In Indiana, in 1839, to Miss Elizabeth Ouschaw, who was born in Ohio, in 1807. She died in 1875. They had six children, ofwhom two are now living, Robert T. and John H. Being an old pioneer of this county Mr H. is widely known and possesses the esteem of many acquaintances. In the discharge of his official duties he ever exercised care and displayed excellent judgment. Though now advanced in years he bids fair to see many more days.
James Hunter, is an enterprising farmer of this township, his place of abode being on section 16, township 64, range 41. He was born in Scotland, April 23, 1813. In 1821, he emigrated with his parents to Nova Scotia, where he grew to manhood. He was there engaged in farming till 1846, when he came to Atchison County, Missouri, and located on the farm where he now resides. His landed estate consists of 500 acres. In 1849, while laboring under the gold excitement, Mr H. went to California, where he was engaged in mining for one year. He was a member of the County Court of Atchison County for eleven years, and now belongs to the Masonic fraternity. He was married March 3, 1840, to Miss Elizabeth McKay. She ws born in Nova Scotia, August 8, 1817. Her parents were natives of Scotland. She died April 2, 1875. They had nine children, eight of whom are now living; Robert, born December 26, 1840; Isabel, born February 19, 1844; William, born October 21, 1845; James A., born August 16, 1848; Janet K., born January 26, 1852; George L., born March 15, 1854; John W., born January 29, 1857; Una j., born December 31, 1859. All of these children were residents of Atchison County, Missouri, and the male members of the family are most inustrious, and successfully situated in life.
Robert Hunter, a representative citizen of Atchison County, and one of the wealthiest merchants of the city of Rock Port, was born in New Brunswick, Nova [page 697] Scotia, December 21, 1841. His parents, James and Elizabeth Hunter, moved to the United States and settled in Atchison County in 1847. There young Robert received his education in the log cabin schools of that day. He is the eldest of a family of eight children, five sons and three daughters. His brothers are William, a farmer of the county; Dr James A., a physician of Fairfax; George, a partner in his mercantile business in Rock Port, and John Walter. His sisters are: Isabel, wife of Jerry Bush; Mrs John D. Campbell, of Rock Port, and Unie Jane, unmarried. Reared in habits of industry, and endowed with excellent perceptive faulties, he early achieved success in life. In 1864 he embarked, in partnership with E.L. Clark, in general merchandising on the spot where now stands his spacious and substantial brick business house in the town of Rock Port, and where he has been uninterruptedly engaged in business during all that period. In 1868 he married Miss Charlotte E. Buckham, daughter of Dr Richard Buckham, the pioneer physician of the county. By this marriage he has four daughters; Ella, Drusa V., Lula R. and May. He is a member of no religious organization. In 1867 he was made a Master Mason in North Star Lodge, No. 157, in Rock Port. He is also a member of Zerubbabel Royal Arch Chapter. In politics he has always been a Republican. His first vote was cast for Abraham Lincoln. Mr Hunter is the owner of several fine farms in the county. On his home of 170 acres, a part of which is included within the limits of the city of Rock Port, stands one of the finest and perhaps the most spacious residences in the county. This structure is of brick, and was erected at a cost of about eleven thousand dollars. Liberal and public spirited, no man in the county enjoys a wider personal popularity than does Robert Hunter.
George T. Hunter is a member of the firm of R. Hunter & Brother, of Rock Port, and of Hanna, Hunter & Co., of Tarkio, who are extensive dealers in general merchandise, furniture, agricultural implements, etc. He was born in Atchison County, Missouri, May 15, 1854, and here he has made his home during life. In 1878 he became interested in each of the present firms, previous to this having been engaged in farming and dealing in stock. He is also occupied in the stock business at the present time. Mr Hunter was married December 12, 1880, to Miss Hallie P. Coale. She was born in Atchison County, Missouri, September 21, 1860. They have one child, Una. He is a leading salesman, and a man possessed of excellent business qualities.
Johnson & Smith, dealers in and manufactureres of harness, boots and shoes. This firm is composed of James B. Johnson and Edward C. Smith. The former mem- [page 698] ber of the firm was born in Huntington County, Indiana, August 11, 1845. His father, William G. Johnson, was a native of New York, and his mother, formerly Mary L. Delvin, of Virginia. In 1853 they moved to LaGro, Wabash County, Indiana, and, in 1858, to Wabash of the same county. In April, 1864, Mr J. enlisted in Company G, One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Indiana Infantry, and at the close of the war was mustered out at Indianapolis. Previous to the war he learned the harness makers' trade, in Wabash, to which place he returned, remaining there till 1867, when he went to Kinderhook, Illinois. In 1870 he came to Atchison County and located in Phelps, where he began in his present business, and, in 1871, he came to Rock Port, carrying on business in both towns. In 1874 he was elected, by the Republican party, as treasurer of Atchison County, and was re-elected in 1876, discharging his official duties with scrupulous care and fidelity. He is a member of North Star Lodge, No. 157, A.F. and A.M. Mr Johnson was married November 13, 1872, to Miss Nancy Gray, who was born in Knox County, Illinois, May 4, 1856. They have two children, Charlie and Oscar. Edward C. Smith, the junior partner of the firm, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, August 15, 1846. His father, David Smith, was a native of New Jersey, and his mother, Hannah Shepherd, came originally from Ohio. When Edward was but a child his parents moved to Miami County, Indiana, where he lived till 1857, then becoming a resident of Henry County, Iowa. He was educated at Mount Pleasant, in that county, and while there learned the shoemakers' trade. In 1863 he went to Andrew County, Missouri, and, in the spring of 1864, he enlisted in Company E, Thirty-ninth Missouri, in the Federal army, and remained in service till the close of the war, after which time he went to Beny, Illinois. There he was engaged in working at his trade, and also in Kinderhook till 1868, when he came to Missouri. In August, following, he began work for the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company on the line of the western division. In January, 1871, he located in Phelps City, and became a member of the present firm. In 1879 he located at Rock Port, carrying on business in both places till that date. He is a member of North Star Lodge, No. 157, A.F. and A.M., and of Northwest Lodge, No. 134, A.O.U.W. Mr Smith was married March 11, 1873, to Miss Nannie A. Templeton. She was born in Atchison County, Missouri, March 11, 1853. They have three children: David M., Ward and Kate.
William King, farmer, section 10, postoffice Rock Port, is a son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Wooley) King, who were natives of Kentucky. William was born in Henry County, of the same state, January 14, 1820, and was the oldest [699]
[page 719]
till 1845, when he moved to Matamora, Woodford County, Illinois. There he followed teaching and clerking in a drug store, and continued his study of medicine. During the winter of 1849 and 1850 he attended Rush Medical College of Chicago, and was also a student at the same institution in the winter of 1851-2. In 1852 he came to Atchison County, where for some time he was interested in teaching. In the spring of 1854 he was graduated from Rush Medical College, and soon began the practice of medicine in Rock Port. During the fall and winter of 1857, he attended a course of lectures in the Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati. In 1858, Dr Whitmire located in the town of Sit Stephens, Nebraska, where he was engaged in the practice of his profession till the fall of 1870, then going to Rulo, in the same county. In 1871 he returned to Rock Port, where he has since resided. He was married in the spring of 1855, to Miss Nancy young, of Virginia. She died in 1856. He was again married in January, 1860, to Miss Amanda L. Smith, of virginia. She died in 1873. They had four children--Mary E., Guss., Maude and William P. A physician of many years' experience and practice, Dr. W. has succeeded in obtaiing a lucrative practice, and the esteem of the citizens of this vicinity.
Archibald E. Wyatt, a leading business man and a respresentative citizen of Atchison County, was born April 28, 1833, in Scott County, Indiana. His parents, Edmund S. and Sarah (Dean) Wyatt, were natives of the state of Virginia. The days of his boyhood and early manhood were spent in Ohio, during which time he served an apprenticeship of three years at mechanical labor. In 1858, he left Chicago Illinois, where he had for some time been residing engaged in business, for the then far west, and the winter of 1858-59 he spent in Nebraska. In the spring of 1859, he went to that part of Colorado which was known as Pike's Peak. Returning to Nebraska in the fall of 1859, he came thence to Atchison County, Missouri, in the spring of 1860, where he has since continuously resided. During the war he took an active interest in political matters, as a Republican and a strong Union man. He was made captain of a company of militia, and in 1862 was elected sheriff and ex-officio collector of Atchison County, and in 1864, he was elected his own successor without opposition. In 1866, he was elected a member of the general assembly of the State of Missouri. After serving one term in the legislature, he retired from political life, and engaged in farming and in the lumber business. In 1870, he disposed of his lumber interests and embarked in the banking business in Rock Port, which, together with farming he has continued to follow to the present time. In 1872, Mr Wyatt was elected a member of the State Senate, from the First Senatorial District, composed of the counties of Atchison, Holt, Andrew and Nodaway. In 1876, he was a delegate from the Ninth Congressional District of Missouri, to the National Republican Convention, held at Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1880, he was the Republican candidate for Presidential Elector from the Ninth District. Mr Wyatt has been identified with the interests of the county for over twenty years. To its development and prosperity he has contributed largely, and now is at the head of one of the most solid and popular banking institutions in this part of the state. He has been eminently successful in life, but his success has been achieved by energy, perseverence and careful judgment in business enterprises. He is refined and sensitive in his feelings, and in his manner retiring and reserved and a man whom one meets only to wish for a more extended acquaintance. Mr Wyatt was married on the 24th day of October, 1861, in Atchison County, Missouri, to Miss Caroline H. Trimble. She was the daughter of Henry T. Trimble, a native of Kentucky, and Nancy nee (Wyatt) Trimble, and was born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, April 29, 1844. She accompanied her parents on their move to Atchison County, Missouri, in 1856. Mr and Mrs Wyatt have five children: Grant, born January 21, 1864; Mary, born February 16, 1867; Harry E., born May 1, 1869; Marcus W., born November 25, 1874; Dean T., born September 16, 1877.