The History of Holt and Atchison Counties, Missouri, containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns, etc.; St Joseph, Mo.: National Historical Company, 1882.
Lincoln Township, Atchison County, Missouri 1882
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell:
[page 959]
Andrew C. Proudfit, farmer, section 23, was born in Indiana, May 21, 1857, and when a small boy, he came with his father to this state and county. While young, he had a severe spell of sickness, which left him deprived of the sense of hearing and speech. His mother has taken great pains in sending him to school, and he remained eight years in the State School for Mutes, under the tutorship of Mr. Kerl.He was an excellent scholar, learning rapidly, and has become a good practical business man, a fine reader and an excellent penman. He has with his mother over 100 acres of beautiful land, under the best of improvements. He has bought teams, plows, drags, etc., and has had great success in everything he has undertaken. He has entire charge of the farm, is a Democrat in his political views, and a valuable citizen of this county. His father, Thomas Proudfit, bought 160 acres of fine land on section 23. He was born in Virginia in 1819, and was raised in Indiana. His father was Elias Proudfit. Thomas P. came to this state and county in 1856. He married Miss Lana Anderson Davidson in Dubois County, Indiana, in February, 1856. They had two children: Andrew C. and Mary E., born Noveber 20, 1859, who married James M. Sliger. Mr P. died in 1860, leaving Mrs P. and her two small children and a farm, almost wholly unimproved and unpaid for. But the land was rich, and having energy and courage she commenced raising stock and corn. She succeeded in paying for her farm, and has built a beautiful house. Her daughter, who married Mr J.M. Sliger lives quite near her. Mr Proudfit was an excellent man and during the few years he lived after moving here, won the confidence of many.
James Rahman was born in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, October 23, 1843, and in 1847, accompanied his father to this country, settling in Monroe County, Illinois. After living in several places the family moved to this county, in 1867. The father bought 160 acres of land and improved it in good condition, building a nice residence and making it one of the most desirable homes in the county. After the death of the father, the two sons divided the homestead, James keeping the old residence. He was married April 8, 1874, to Miss Ida Gardes, daughter of George Gardes, of Germany. They have two children: Henry and George J. He is a Republican in politics, and religiously a Lutheran. Henry Rahman, father of the subject of this sketch, was born in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, in 1815. He came to this country in 1847, and was a resident of Monroe County, Illinois, for two years, after which he lived in Nebraska for two years. Coming to this county he bought his excellent farm. In 1853, he went to California and remained for nearly four [page 960] years; had bad luck on the start, but was afterwards successful, obtaining quite a sum of money. He then returned home, wiser and better, and a little richer, for his experience. He married Catharine Margaret Clichouse, of Germany. They had two children, James and George. Henry died in the Old Country. James followed teaming to Salt Lake for three years, for a freighting company. He has ninety acres of land, situated in section 2.
James M. Scammon was born in Union City, Atchison County, Missouri, May 15, 1850. He acquired a good education at home and became well qualified for prosecuting the duties of the business which he has made his life work. He remained with his father until twenty-one years old and then rented a farm, which he worked for one year. In 1872, with his father, he started the store which he now conducts, and afterwards Mr Bailey became a partner and since then they have been doing a very large and prosperous business under the firm name of Scammon & Bailey. Mr S. married Miss Mary Casey, daughter of Edward Casey, of Nova Scotia, March 7, 1878. They are raising a nephew of Mr S.'s, Levi Craighton Smith. Politically Mr S. is a Republican and he is a leading member of the M.E. Church. He is liberal in building churches and supporting schools, and has been one of our energetic and prosperous men, both as a farmer and merchant. He has bought a fine farm of 550 acres of land which he cultivates. As a business man he has the confidence of the entire community. His father, Enoch D. Scammon, of Union City, is among the early pioneers of the county, and has large possessions, all accumlated by his own hard work. Reference to this noble man is to be found elsewhere in our work.
John Henry Shepperson, farmer and stock raiser, section 6, was the son of William and Mary Ann (Webster) Shepperson, the former of Virginia and the latter of Scotch descent, but a native of London. John was born in Richmond, Virginia, April 16, 1834. His education was obtained almost entirely by self application, and he spent several years in teaching in Virginia, Iowa and Missouri. He was the instructor of an excellent school for five years in Charlestown, now the capital of West Virginia. In 1862 he came to this state, and March 14th enlisted in the Fifth Missouri Cavalry, commanded by Colonel Penick. He served faithfully for sixteen months and on his return from the army bought some land, where he now lives. He spent some time in teaching and speculating in stock. December 15, 1869, Mr Shepperson married Miss Susan Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of James and Elizabeth Roberts of this county. They have four children: [page 961]