1860 Atchison County, Nishnabotna township, Missouri part 2

transcribed by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net

Jones, Harvey 29 m Oh A606#574
Jones, Margaret 29 f Ill
Jones, Mary 9 f Oh
Jones, Lily 4 f Ill
Jones, Leroy 2 m Ill
Jones, Nancy 1/12 f Mo
Blunt, Laban 53 m Md A606#575
Blunt, Elizabeth 47 f Va
Lorantz, Edward 30 m Ill
Walls, David 28? m Tenn
Frank, Charles 21 m Md
Blunt, Elizabeth 20 f Ill
Blunt, Daniel 4 m Ill
York, Jesse 60 m Ky A606#576
York, Elizabeth 54 f Ky
York, William 18 m Ill
York, Archabald 14 m Ill
York, Mary 20 f Ill
Glenn, Mary 34 f Ireland A606#577
Glenn, Patrick 35 m Ireland
Glenn, John 33 m Ireland
Glenn, Barnaby 19 m Ireland
Glenn, Bridget 16 f Ireland
Glenn, Catharine 16 f Ireland
Glenn, Elnora 13 f Ireland
Wirth, John 26 m Bavaria, Ger A606#578
Wirth, Mary 24 f Bavaria, Ger
Wirth, Mary 3 f Mo
Phifer, John 35 m Bavaria, Ger A606#579
Phifer, Matilda 30 f Bavaria, Ger
Phifer, Matilda 3 f Mo
Phifer, Catherine 9/12 f Mo
Hetrick, William 27 m Ky A606#580
Hetrick, Elizabeth 21 f Mo
Hetrick, Sarah M. 4 f Mo
Hetrick, Martha J. 3 f Mo
Hetrick, George 2 m Mo
Hetrick, Rosa L. 1 f Mo
Hetrick, John 19 m Ind
Handley, William 29 m Mo A606#581
Handley, Margarett 19 f Ill
Handley, Zachariah 5 m Nebr
Handley, John 2 m Nebr
Handley, Isabel 3/12 f Mo
Curry, Warren 29 m NY A606#582
Curry, Sarah 20 f Ill
Curry, Malinda 4 f Ill
Curry, Henry 2 m Mo
Curry, Doctor 20 m NY A606#583
Curry, Malinda 18 f Ill
Curry, Amanda 8/12 f Mo
Good, John 48 m Tenn A606#584
Good, Susannah 43 f Tenn
Good, Barbara 25 f Tenn
Good, Selena 24 f Tenn
Good, Marion 20 m Tenn
Good, Nancy 18 f Tenn
Good, Adam 16 m Tenn
Good, Amanda 14 f Tenn
Good, Andrew 13 m Tenn
Good, P. Ann 10 f Tenn
Good, Elbert 9 m Tenn
Good, Lorena 6 f Tenn
Good, Charles 11/12 m Tenn
Stribling, Philip 29 m Ill A606#585
Stribling, Nancy 18 f Ill
Richardson, William 33 m Oh
Swift, Harrison 18 m Ill
Rogers, Samuel 17 m Ill
Durham, Lide 15 m Ky
Swift, Nathan 18 m Ill
Hayes, Nathaniel 47 m Tenn A606#586
Hayes, Ann 52 f Tenn
Hayes, Samuel 15 m Tenn
Hayes, William 11 m Tenn
Hayes, Hugh 10 m Tenn
Hayes, Nathan B. 6 m Tenn
Rowls, Nicholas 39 m Germany A606#587
Rowls, Eliza 25 f Germany
Edwards, John 50 m Ky A606#588
Edwards, Sarah 40 f Ky
Edwards, Isaac 24 m Ill
Edwards, Jacob 21 m Ill A606#589
Edwards, Frances 16 f Ill
Edwards, Delila 14 f Ill
Edwards, James 18 m Ill
Edwards, Jackson 11 m Ill
Edwards, Elizabeth 10 f Ill
Edwards, Ellen 8 f Ill
Fagen, Joseph 33 m Oh
Fagen, Mary 20 f Ill
McAdams, John 24 m Tenn A606#590
McAdams, Elizabeth 22 f Pa
Holley, Thomas 16 m Ill
Poindexter, G.W. 40 m Tenn A606#591
Poindexter, Elizabeth 39 f NC
Graham, John 23 m Tenn
Bushong, Zachariah 50? m Tenn A606#592
Bushong, Luisa 41 f Ind
Bushong, John 22 m Ill
Bushong, Mary 15 f Ill
Bushong, Amanda 13 f Ill
Bushong, Lucinda 9 f Ill
Bushong, Philip 4 m Mo
Bushong, Chilton 1 m Mo
Hsellman? John 17 m Pa
Union? Daniel 30 m NY
Watt, Earl 25 m Oh
Trimble, Caroline 16 f Ky
Rumerfield, William 25 m Oh A606#593
Rumerfield, Mary 17 f Ind
Picket, Frances 36 m Ky A606#594
Picket, Ann 35 f Ky
Picket, William 12 m Ind
Picket, E.F. 6 m Ind
Picket, Lendsay 4 m Ind
Picket, Frederick 4/12 m Mo
Plasters, Henry 29 m Ill
Plasters, Lucinda 22 f Ill
Plasters, Mary 1 f Mo
McFarland, Edward 35 m Va A606#596
McFarland, Elizabeth 23 f Ill
McFarland, Julia A. 12 f Ill
McFarland, Nancy E. 10 f Ill
McFarland, Rebecca 8 f Ill
McFarland, John 4 m Ill
McFarland, Joseph 3 m Ill
McFarland, Amelia 5/12 f Mo
Fowler, G.B. 36 m Eng A606#597
Fowler, Elizabeth 32 f Eng
Fowler, Elizabeth 6 f Oh
York, P? D. 46 m Oh A606#598
York, Luisa 37 f Ind
York, Mary 19 f Ill
York, E.J.A. 18 m Ill
York, Nancy 14 f Ill
York, John 11 m Ill
York, Jesse 8 m Mo
York, Sarah 5 f Mo
York, Charles 1 m Mo
Hall, Charlton 29 m Ill A606#599
Hall, Luwtha? 25 f Ill
Hall, Amanda 6 f Mo
Hall, Elender? 4 f Mo
Hall, Elzira 1 f Mo
Tastes? Lewis? 26 m Tenn
Morgan, Ralph 69 m Ky A606#600
Morgan, Ann 59 f NC
Morgan, James 24 m Ill
Morgan, William 40 m Oh A606#601
Morgan, Sarah 38 f Ky
Morgan, Alford 19 m Ky
Morgan, Catharine 16 f Ky
Morgan, Charles 15 m Ky
Morgan, William 10 m Ky
Morgan, Nancy 5 f Ky
Morgan, Lucinda 1/12 f Mo
Morgan, Daniel 31 m Ill A606#602
Morgan, Lucy 27 f Oh
Morgan, James 5 m Ill
Morgan, Benja. 1 m Mo
Eastridge, John 32 m Ill A606#603
Eastridge, Sarah 25 f Ill
Eastridge, James 6 m Mo
Eastridge, Nancy 4 f Mo
Eastridge, William 2 m Mo
Eastridge, Theodore 2/12 m Mo
Kirkpatrick, Nero 47 m Tenn A606#604
Kirkpatrick, Emaline 38 f Tenn
Kirkpatrick, John 16 m Tenn
Kirkpatrick, Sarah 14 f Tenn
Kirkpatrick, Polly 12 f Tenn
Kirkpatrick, Amos 10 m Ill
Kirkpatrick, Luisa 9 f Mo
Kirkpatrick, William 5 m Mo
Kirkpatrick, Mahaly 7 f Ill
Kirkpatrick, James 2 m Mo
Correction from Casey: caser4@msn.com - Nishnabotna, Atchison, MO Page A606 Household 604 Nero (not Aerd) Kirkpatrick age 47 born TN Emaline (not Emoline) age 38 born TN. Rest of it looks good, I'm still not clear on some of actual ages of some of the kids and where they were born so I'll just leave the rest of it alone. The last four children here are given different ages and birth places in other census material. Thanks Casey!
Barger, John 32 m Mo A606#605
Barger, Franey 23 f Mo
Barger, Sarah 9 f Mo
Barger, Harriett 2/12 f Mo
Eastridge, Jefferson 35 m Ind A606#606
Eastridge, Rebecca 34 f Ind
Eastridge, John 3 m Mo
Eastridge, Marena 1 f Mo
Addington, Sabird 55 m NC A606#607
Addington, Frances 54 f Tenn
Addington, Parella 33 f Tenn
Addington, Mary 31 f Tenn
Addington, Mella 24 f Ill
Addington, Benjamin 22 m Ill
Lutz, Laurence 26 m France
Prater, James 22 m Ky
Martens? Lewis 45 m Ky A606#608
Martens? Elizabeth 42 f Ky
Martens? Luisa 17 f Ind
Martens? James 15 m Ind
Martens? Agness 13 f Ind
Martens? Isabel 8 f Ind
Martens? Mariah 4 f Mo
Martens? Milley 65 f Va
Addington, Ambrose 28 m Ill A606#609
Addington, Hannah 21 f Ill
Lindsley, John 46 m NY A606#610
Lindsley, Nancy 41 f Ky
Lindsley, William 19 m Ill
Lindsley, Robert 17 m Ill
Lindsley, Julia 13 f Ill
Lindsley, Ann 6 f Ill
Lindsley, Margarett 4 f Ill
Lindsley, Cinthia A. 5/12 f Mo
McAdams, R.T. 26 m Tenn A606#611
McAdams, Nancy 19 f Ill
McAdams, Mary 2/12 f Mo
Nott, William 28 m Ill A606#612
Nott, Eaney 27 f Ill
Nott, George 5 m Ill
Nott, Julia 5 f Ill
Smith, James 14 m Ill
Nott, James 2 m Mo
Moore, H.L. 42 m Ill A606#613
Moore, Arvena? 32 f Ill
Moore, Ellen 8 f Ill
Moore, Emma 5 f Mo
Moore, Lewis 2 m Mo
Cross, Lewis 68 m Tenn
Cross, William 22 m Ill A606#614
Hall, Stephen 23 m Ill
Hall, Mary 22 f Ill
Hall, William 1 m Mo
York, Madison 45 m Ky A606#615
York, Lucinda 43 f Ind
York, John 16 m Ill
York, Sarah 13 f Ill
York, Jackson 10 m Ill
York, Russell 4 m Nebr
Whitford, John 38 m Ky A606#616
Whitford, Elizabeth 33 f Ky
Whitford, Adison 16 m Ky
Whitford, John 14 m Ky
Whitford, William 10 m Ky
Whitford, Charles 3 m Ill  
Whitford, Elnora 1 f Ill