1860 Atchison Co, Missouri Census

Clay twp, part 2 (the rest of it) 

Post Office on these pages given as Sonora or Elpasso

transcribed by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net

Scammon, Samuel 44 m Maine? A602#217
Scammon, Nancy 32 f Ky
Scammon, Isaiah 4 m Mo
Scammon, Sarah 2 f Mo
Scammon, Mary 1 f Mo
Golden, John W. 35 m Va A602#218
Golden, Martha 34 f Va
Golden, M? 12 m Mo
Golden, James 7 m Mo
Golden, Mary 5 f Mo
Golden, Frances 3 f Mo
Adams, John W. 23 m Scotland
Golden, Sarah A. 60 f Va
Millsap, Pharris 41 m Mo A602#219
Millsap, Catharine 40 f Mo
Millsap, William 17 m Mo
Millsap, Adolt? 16 m Mo
Millsap, Pharris 15 m Mo
Millsap, Elizabeth 12 f Mo
Millsap, Russell? 10 m Mo
Millsap, Catharine 8 f Mo
Millsap, Mary 6 f Mo
Millsap, Sarah 3 f Mo
Hunt, Joshua 46 m Pa A602#220
Hunt, Mary 37 f Oh
Hunt, Alma 16 f Oh
Hunt, Emma 14 f Oh
Hunt, John 11 m Ind
Hunt, Clarence 9 m Ind
Hunt, Frank 6 m Mo
Hunt, Alace 6/12 f Mo
Barnaby, Mathew 49 m Ky
Barnaby, Mariah 36 f Ky
Barnaby, Lena 14 f Ind
Barnaby, Lafayette 12 m Ind
Barnaby, Sarah 9 f Ind
Barnaby, John 8 m Ind
Barnaby, Charles 5 m Ill
Barnaby, Marion 1? m Mo
Fisher, Andrew 32 m Ky A602#221
Fisher, Deborah 20 f Ind
Fisher, William 10/12  m Mo
Gore, Thos 22 m Ind A602#222
Gore, Mahaly 19 f Ind
Roda? Martin 40 m Wirtemburg, Ger A602#223
Roda? Martha 36 f Mo
Roda? Eliza 8 f Mo
Roda? Luiza 6 f Mo
Roda? Terease 4 f Mo
Clevinger, Elias 42 m Mo A602#224
Clevinger, Elisabeth 28 f Ky
Clevinger, Thomas? 14 f? Mo
Clevinger, Joseph 12 m Mo
Clevinger, Eli 10 m Mo
Clevinger, Nancy? 8 f Ill
Clevinger, Samuel 6 m Ill
Somison? E. 54 m Maine A602#225
Somison? Elisabeth 35 f Ind
Somison? William 12 m Mo
Somison? James 9 m Mo
Somison? Caroline 7 m? Mo
Somison? Jane 2 f Mo
Russell, Salburn? 28 m Va A602#226
Russell, Sarah 23 f NC
Stout, Francis 45 m NC A602#227
Stout, Cornelia 40 f NC
Stout, Ellen 15 f Mo
Stout, Charles 9 m Mo
Kirk, E.E. 41 m Ill A602#228
Kirk, Julia 40 f Ill
Kirk, Margaret 14 f Ill
Kirk, Ester 12 f Ill
Kirk, Francis 9 f Mo
Kirk, Alexander 7 m Mo
Curry, Isaac 32 m Va A602#229
Curry, Margaret 30 f Va
Curry, J.A.? 2 m Mo
Curry, William 1 m Mo
Foster, James 30 m Ind A602#230
Jamison, Thomas 26 m Mo correction to this
Jamison, Sarah 24 f Mo family from Laura
Jamison, William 3 m Mo Jacobson
Jamison, James 2 m Mo Hippolvr1@aol.com
Sanford, Sopha 45 f Oh A602#231
Sanford, David 21 m Mo
Sanford, William 18 m Mo
Spear? William 35 m NY A602#232
Spear? Jane 33 f Oh
Wood, McCanby 12 m Ind
Wood, Lorinda 10 f Ind
Spear? Oshuma? 6 m Iowa
Spear? Mary 4 f Mo
Spear? John 3 m Mo
Spear? Charles 3/12 m Mo
Burkett? Hulet 26 m Ind A602#233
Burkett? Mary A. 22 f Ind
Burkett? James 5 m Ind
Burkett? Mary 4 f Ind
Burkett? Susan 3 f Ind
Burkett? William 1 m Mo
Barlord? Washington 33 m Ind A602#234
Barlord? Elisabeth 32 f Ind
Barlord? William 10 m Mo
Barlord? Richard 7 m Mo
Barlord? Mary 5 m? Mo
Barlord? Jerry 3 m Mo
McCartney, M.G. 60 m Ind A602#235
McCartney, Mary 55 f Oh
McCartney, William 6 m Iowa
Hunter, William 55 m Scotland A602#236
Hunter, Elisabeth 51 f Oh
Hunter, Robert 19 m Mo
Hunter, John 10 m Mo
Wilson?, Charles 25 m Mo
Rhodes, Adam 56 m NC A602#237
Rhodes, Lucinda 46 f Ind
Rhodes, Jessie 22 m Ind
Rhodes, Lucinda 15 f Mo
Rhodes, Charles 12 m Mo
Rhodes, Andrew 10 m Mo
Rhodes, James 9 m Mo
Rhodes, John 8 m Mo
Rhodes, Nancy 6 m? Mo
Johnson, Cyrus 26 m Ind A602#238
Johnson, Elizabeth 26 f Ind
Johnson, James 3 m Mo
Rhoads, William 25 m Ind A602#238
Rhoads, Catharine 32 f Mo
Rhoads, Adam 3 m Mo
Rhoads, James 1 m Mo
Rhoads, Daniel 20 m Mo
Rhoads, Harnada? 17 f Mo
Hackler, J.M. 23 m Mo A602#240
Hackler, Martha 16 f Mo
Hackler, Charles 3/12 m Mo
Goodman, R.A. 39 m Va A602#241
Goodman, Catharine 27 f Mo
Goodman, Theodore 9 m Mo
Goodman, Preston 7 m Mo
Goodman, James 5 m Mo
Hunter, James 47 m Scotland A602#242
Hunter, Elisabeth 43 f Nova Scotia
Hunter, Robert 19 m Nova Scotia
Hunter, Isabell 16 f Nova Scotia  
Hunter, William 14 m Nova Scotia  
Hunter, James 12 m Mo  
Hunter, Bennett 6 m Mo  
Hunter, John 3 m Mo  
          1860 census Clay Twp.
          Thu, 18 Apr 2002 09:16:44 EDT

good morning.  I thought that I would drop you a line about one of the question marked families on the census page.  I
believe that the family that you have listed at Jamerson?  is actually Jamison.  My ggg-grandfather was Thomas Jamison
b. 1833 and his wife was Sarah b. 1836  the 2 were married in 1852 in Clark Township.  Hope this helps.
-Laura Jacobson