Atchison County, Missouri Death/Burial

(prepared by: Pat O'Dell -


This is a composite list of deaths and/or burials in Atchison County, Missouri in the above years. It has been compiled from several sources and there may be mistakes in any of the data. If you can add to this or correct something, please let me know.

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* Atchison County Death Record / or obituary
Quick, Dan A.*
16 Jan 1853
01 Mar 1916
Rock Port Green Hill

Quick, Mildred

Jul 1992

Fairfax, Mo

Forest City Cem

Quick, Richard Rae*
01 Mar 1885
15 Jul 1913
Clay twp Green Hill cem
Quiller, Johnnie
01 Feb 1885
22 Mar 1887
Quimby, Robert
May 2006
Farmington, Mn Walden Grove

Quimby, Robert W.

15 May 1911

29 Jun 1991

Omaha, Ne hosp

Waldon Grove