Cooper Family from Debbie :

My mother (maiden name COOPER), passed away this year in late July. She was just 66 yrs. of age. She lived near me here in Las Vegas, NV.. As myself & siblings emptied her apartment, I collected many old documents & vital records.

Among this paperwork I found several memorial cards belonging to diseased relatives. Some I new well. There were a handful of cards that read 'Interment Tarkio Home Cemetery'. I was not surprised being as I
> attended my Uncle Johnnie Cooper's funeral there in the year 1987.

> My journey begins........ This year for my birthday, (November 5th) I flew from Vegas to Omaha, NE. I joined with my twin brother Robert. I brought with me the Tarkio memorial cards. Day 2 out of a 4 day
> visit, we took the trip to Tarkio, MO. We were determined to walk the cemetery hoping to find headstones of our relatives. Once we arrived we were disappointed to find the cemetery was unmanned. We stopped in the market there on the corner & asked who managed the cemetery? The friendly clerk and town folk there suggested we inquire at the City Hall. There is where we met Rosalie Woodring. A blessing in disguise! Obviously a veteran of Tarkio. She knew or knew of all family members in question. It was
amazing! She knew my favorite Uncle Johnnie whom once had a diner there, she knew Uncle Clarence as 'Brassie', my Uncle Frank, my Aunt Jettie, my Aunt Lyda (Bolin) and more. It was soooo interesting to speak with her, you would think we struck gold! As our visit concluded, she sent us to the funeral
home to find the cemetery info. we were after. There we found a helpful young women who looked up all names given. She was able to find all but one. My brother and I returned to the cemetery, found and photographed family headstones. If not feeling accomplished enough, on our way out of town I insisted we find a 'living relative' before we left. We remembered Rosalie told us Aunt Lyda had a grandson (Charles) whom worked in Rockport. We called Rosalie for the address and dropped by for a visit. He too welcomed us and was more than interested in our quest. We all concluded that Charles Bolin is indeed
our 3rd cousin! The grandson of our Great Aunt Lyda. When we told Charles what an Angel Rosalie was
to us and all she knew, he divulged her to be the town Mayor! Wow! And my thought is by every right she should be! Needless to say, our trip to the town of Tarkio was welcomed, inviting and well worth

I did not know of the surrounding cemeteries until I returned home. No mention (or time) to visit the
Library. I don't know what you have or know that may be helpful but I'll shoot in the dark
anyway. As stated above, there was one grave site that the funeral home had no
record of. It is the oldest memorial card I have. This one belongs to my Great
Grandmother. It reads, Mrs. John Cordie Cooper. Born Sept 27, 1881 Died Sept 26, 1921. Services at Baptist Church, Tarkio, MO. Interment in Home Cemetery. Unlike the other cards the word 'Tarkio' is omitted? Is there another Home Cemetery in the area? I would really like to know where
Cordie Cooper's grave is. Charles suggested that other Cooper's lay at rest in or near Hamburg, Iowa. Might make since being as my Grandmother Esther Cooper was born there. Do you know of a cemetery in that area? Charles also said the Coopers had a big farm out there too. Have you heard of
it? Rosalie mentioned the daughters of Betty Jean (Pamela & Vicki) live in Fairfax and
are affiliated with an elevator company. Do you know of this place? They are
actual 'Coopers' and I would be elated to be in touch with them. I must keep looking. I must ask all I can think of. I so appreciate your time. Any thing, number, name or location you can think of that would
be helpful, please send my way. Are you a resident of the area? Do you know of
Rosalie or any other names I've mentioned? If so, feel free to post this story at the Post office, Church or Bingo Parlor. I not only believe the kind people of Tarkio deserve a compliment but there are others out there that could be of help as well.

Thank you,