Jennings Family
from Brenda Jennings Huddleston:

Thomas Jennings
Thomas Jennings who was been an inmate of the St. Joseph Asylum for a number of years, died at St. Joseph on  Sunday morning last.  His remains were brought to this city on Monday evening and were interred at Elmwood.
(Atchison County Journal 10-26-1893)
Second one:
Thomas Jennings, of this township, died at the insane asylum in St. Joe last Sunday.  The remains were shipped her Monday for interment.  He had been an inmate of the asylum several years.
(Atchison County Mail - 10-27-1893)
[from Brenda] Thomas died from epilepsy and they did not know how to treat it back then so they put people in the Asylum.  He was the husband of Elizabeth (Settles)Jennings.  Thomas died eighteen years before Elizabeth did.  They had came from Greeneville, Tennessee before they made there home in Rock Port, MO.  Thomas had a tombstone in Elmwood many, many years ago, but the cemetery was vandalized.  Then the plot records were missing there the originals.  We are not sure of the funeral home that would have buried him to see if they might know.  I do know they attended the M. E. church South (The Medodist  Episcopal Church).  But that church and records burnt at one time too. He married Elizabeth in 1871.  His name was Thomas J. Jennings.  Thomas John Jennings was the son of John Jennings and Rachel J. Blake of Greene Co. Tennessee. Thomas J. JEnnings married Elizabeth (Settles) Jennings Oct. 10, 1871in Greene Co. Tennessee.I have another record thou from Greene County also that has Thomas J. Jennings is the son of John Baker Jennings and Rachel J. Blake and John Baker Jennings was the son of John Jennings and Ruth Kelly Bowan and John Jennings was the son of William Jennings and Elizabeth "Betsey" Baker.  I know that Thomas J. Jennings was born in 1852 in Tennessee and died Oct. 1893 in St. Joseph, MO and buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Atchison County, MO.  He married Elizabeth Hazel Settles.  To this union they had eight children. He was only like 35 when he died.
 James Tillman Jennings
On James Tillman Jennings who is also buried in Elmwood.
From the Atchison County Mail June 23, 1922
Jennings Buried Tuesday
The funeral of James Tillman Jennings who died at a St. Joseph hospital last Friday was held at the home of his brother  Jeff Jennings, south of Rock Port, Missouri Tuesday.  Interment was made at Elmwood Cemetery.
Mr. Jennings was born Februrary 14, 1883.  He leaves a widow, two children and the following brothers and sisters to mourn his death:  Jake and Jeff, Rock Port; John, Mrs. Julia Andrews and Mrs. Hester Howard of Omaha, Nebr.; Mrs. Lou Henderson, Denver.
[from Brenda] Now what I know.  James went by Jim alot and his nickname was "Curly"  it was even in Atchison County Newspaper articles.  James Tillman Jennings was born February 14, 1883 in Missouri and died June 16, 1922 St. Joseph, MO age 39 years 4 months and 2 days.  He was married to Lula Mae Hayes. They were married Dec. 7, 1904 in Omaha, NE.  James was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hazel (Settles) Jennings.  To this union they had two children:  Hazel Ula Jennings and Cecil Harvey Jennings. Cecil was my grandpa.  We know he was buried in Elmwood Cemetery and we believe he was buried next to the J. J. McCartney family. They lived on the farm of the J.J. McCartney family and that family was quite wealthy and helped them out a lot and Elizabeth James mother worked for them.   My grandfather Cecil is buried in Lebanon, MO and his wife Helen Kathryn (Stroud) Jennings is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Rock Port, Missouri next to her infant son Donnie Lee Jennings who was 4 months 22 days when he passed away of marasmus. Donnie was born Dec. 7, 1932 and died  29, 1933.  He was just next to my father, Robert Eugene Jennings.  Donnie was the third child of Cecil and Helen Jennings. Hazel James's daughter is buried in Colorado Springs, CO. I do know also that James Tillman Jennings was also buried by a Campbell he was an orphan boy.  But I believe they are buried by J.J. McCartney.
Does anyone in Rock Port know a Angeline Harris?  She could possibly know where James Tillman Jennings grave is located since his tombstone is gone.  He does qualify for a military tombstone if we can find where he is buried. I was told Everett Linville would know for sure, but he passed away, but maybe his widow or his daughter Diane  Abbott might know about the burials.
We would love to know what funeral home had records for James Tillman and Thomas John Jennings if so maybe the location of their graves could be found.
On Helen Kathryn (Stroud) Jennings.
This is from the Lebanon Rustic Republican December 20, 1956.
Mrs. Helen Jennings Dies at Mt. Vernon;
Funeral At Rock Port
Mrs. Helen Kathryn Jennings, 47, died Saturday morning Dec. 15, 1956 at the State Sanatorium in Mt.  Vernon, where she had been a patient for some time.
She is a former Lebanon resident.  The family living on Bride Route, until she entered the santorium.  The family located here from Rockport, Missouri.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at a funeral home in Rockport.  Interment will be in the Elmwood cemetery at Rockport.
Survivors include her husband, Cecil H. Jennings, of Rockport; five sons, James E. and Robert E. Jennings both of Lebanon.  Thomas H. Jennings, serving with the U.S. Army in Germany, Jackie L. and Gary K. Jennings, both of Ozark; two daughters, Mrs. betty Jones and Miss Patricia Jennings, both of Ozark.
[from Brenda] What I know. Helen was my grandmother, her son Bob is my dad.  Helen had eight children, now two are deceased.  Donnie and Jim which Jim just passed away a few months ago and is buried in Springfield, Missouri.  Her husband  Cecil Harvey Jennings is buried in Lebanon, MO.  Helen was placed in a grave next to her son Donnie in Rock Port and did have a headstone when I was there before.  Helen was the daughter of Ernest Stroud and Minnie McVay (Minnie lived and died in the Rock Port area.) Helen was born Oct. 1, 1909 she died Dec. 15, 1956. She died in the Mt. Vernon, Missouri Hospital from Pulmonary tuberculosis which she had for quite some time.  She was married to Cecil Harvey Jennings July 30, 1927 in Atchison County Missouri.
The Jennings families relations were the Hayes, Waits, Howards, Andrews, Thompsons,  Boswell's, Settles, etc. etc. etc.
  and Helens family was the Strouds and McVays and I can't remember the other names.  But our family has great history in the Atchison  County, MO. 
I would appreciate if anyone could find the old plot records or know any of the old timers that would know where Thomas Jennings and James Tillman Jennings are buried at.  I know John Settles kept good records I don't know if anyone has any info on that.  We would like to purchase headstones for our loved ones. 
Also on Elizabeths the last name was wrong, it is Jennings.  Her name was Elizabeth Hazel (Settles) Jennings and she was the daughter of John Settles.  She was born in Greeneville, Tennessee.  She never remarried.
Hope all this information helps.