Reward for photo of J. B. Clark

My husband and I are posting a reward for a photo of his grandfather, J. B. Clark. He was a mule skinner and foreman for the Rankin Brothers.

Minnie Mueller and her husband Henry Mueller are buried in the Tarkio home cemetery.

After J. B. Clark divorced Mary Mueller (the daughter of Minnie and Henry), the brothers of Mary convinced Minnie (a widow at that time) to marry J. B. Clark.

We have not found proof of such a marriage.

J. B. Clark was originally born 1869 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

My husband's father was born 1923 in Bland, Missouri. But J. B. Clark was a foreman at the time in for the Rankin Brother.

We want to give "dad" (my husband's father) a gift of a photo of his father that he has never met. Well, they met when Dad was a baby. But then J. B. and Dad's mother divorced. So he has never met him. We are offering a reward of $50 for whoever sends us a photo of J. B. Clark.

Can you help us?

Laura Clark clarkfla@eoni.com