Attached is a picture of a class from Fairfax school took about 1945. Names from the back of the picture are:
Row 1: Ronnie Schoolar, Wilfred Graves, Stan Smith, Billy Carford, Lawerence Campbell, Bill Adamson, Ronald Ray, Willie Weeden, JC. Haynes, Richard White.
Row 2: Phyllis Bunny, Evelyn Taylor, Betty Matlock, Wilma Coats, Rosalee Sly, Norma Hawkins, Roberta Payten, Iona Gomell, Joan Carltoon, Audrey Partoon
Row 3: Bobby Curry, H.O. Sly, Charles Deardoff, Charles Norton, Rowena Harrington, Julia True, Jackie Wright, Joyce Daveport, Clara Hoster, Nancy Donhue, Mary Haun.
Row 4: Sabe Shitman, Jantel Sly, Ann Grever, Wargrette Harris, Miss Baidy ( Teacher), Larry Caundalle, Delman Shafer, H.A. Sly, Iva Lou hall, Shutrude McCaskey, Betty Edwards.

Some of the names were hard to read so not sure of the spelling on all. Last girl on the right on row 3 is my mother, Mary Haun. She died in 1980.

I love old pictures and know others would enjoy seeing their family members at a young age.
Thanks, Phyllis Carney