Rock Port, Missouri Band, ca 1920
from: Maurice LaFonte <>
This is a picture of the Rock Port Band.  My Dad is in the front holding
the drumsticks in his hands.  I don't know exactly when, but judging from
the look of my Dad, born in 1897, I'm guessing this picture would be around
1920, give or take 5 years.  I know Dad went into the Army in 1918 and was
discharged in 1919.  They listed his vocation on his discharge papers as
"musician".  I tend to think this was after he came back from the Army.  I
remember him telling me for a while he played with some of the Shrine bands.
I think here in St. Joe and maybe Springfield.  Don't know the time frame though.
It might be fun to post this on the site and see if anyone came name any of
the people in it.  Dad told me the director's name and several of the people in
it, but I don't remember them.  I think the director might have had an Italian
sounding name, but not sure.  I think I'd recognize it if I heard it.  Notice several
of the players look to be teenagers--maybe high school age.