Is this a picture of Tarkio?
Hello Pat,
I was wondering if you might be able to help me confirm the identity
of this photograph?  I remember my father telling  a story of a REALLY
TALL man that came to town and if you could reach the five dollar bill
on his shoulder, it was yours.  This of course was during the
depression, so $5 was a lot of money.  My father was 6"3" and he could
not reach the money. My recollection is this occurred during his time
in Tarkio where he helped his uncle, Edward "Gray" Squire, run his
meat locker/cold storage and ice cream store. I associate that story
with this photograph.  Is the attached photo of Tarkio from about
1936-1942? Thank you for your time.

Pamela E Carter
Member, Shasta Genealogical Society
Volunteer, Find A Grave, #47014582
Volunteer, RAOGK, Shasta County, CA (currently on leave of absence)